STOP—if you have unprotected assets and property—you could easily lose it all! (Home, Real Estate, Cash Savings, Investments, Valuables.)

Discover how to easily protect your home, assets, and life savings by planning your estate!

Educate yourself! Find out how easy it can be to protect your assets in this 1-hour estate planning webinar—hosted by the Estate Law Center.
A shocking number of high net worth individuals and high-income earners have not taken the time to protect their assets adequately—it’s foolish—don’t be one of them!

When we die, everything we own and worked our entire lives for is at risk of seizure by the government and other entities. We must take the proper legal steps to protect our assets—so that we, not the government—can decide what to do with them.
Think of it: your legacy, stolen by the government instead of being passed down to your heirs or other chosen designated beneficiary.

Does that bother you? It should!

With proper planning, it doesn’t have to go that way.

The experts at the Estate Law Center can help you protect your assets—and we’re hosting a FREE 1-hour webinar so you can educate yourself on whether or not estate planning is right for you.

Presented by Holly Geerdes, Esq., Estate Planning Expert Attorney, of the Estate Law Center.


“Holly prepared a trust for me. She did a very good job. Her service fee is affordable. Highly recommended.”

- Sterne Sithen
“I went to the estate planning workshop and after two hours felt very educated about estate planning. The class was well put together and I realized that my asset protection plan was lacking.  I scheduled a one-on-one meeting with Holly and it didn’t take long for me to realize that I needed her services.  She is extremely knowledgeable, accomplished and dedicated to providing a well needed service. I visited her office three times and never waited more than five minutes to see her.  She is a professional and I felt that I was in good hands from the start.  It was money well spent and I have recommended friends and family members.”

- Jame
“I attended the complimentary two hour seminar and it was time well spent. The class was informative and Ms. Geerdes was personable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend attending this seminar.” 

- Dorothy Diaz
“I attended the workshop yesterday. I learned a lot, especially about trusts; also about the dangers of not planning. I recommend this workshop to all.”

- Adrian Fillion

This webinar is 100% FREE and you will come away knowing whether estate planning is right for you and what the next steps to take are.

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